iPhone 3G/S Repairs


We can fix just about anything that is wrong with your iPhone 3G/3GS

Common Repairs:

  • iPhone Screen Replacement
  • iPhone LCD Replacement
  • iphone housing replacement
  • iphone camera replacement
  • iPhone Battery Replacement
  • iPhone Home Button Repair
  • iPhone Headphone Jack Repair
  • iphone power button replacement
  • iphone volume button replacement
  • iPhone Vibrate Motor/Switch Repair
  • iPhone charging port replacement
  • iPhone water damage diagnosis
  • iPhone Unlocking


105 thoughts on “iPhone 3G/S Repairs

    1. Hi Stan,
      It’s $85 for the screen. We’ll check out the
      Connection on the camera and if it needs to be replaced we’ll let you know. We’ll replace the camera for $20. We also price match and offer a 90 day warranty on our repairs. Thanks for checking us out and look forward to repairing your 3G.

    1. Michelle,

      It more than likely has to do with a connection on the flex ribbon. When this is replaced it should correct the sleeper & static problem. Give us a call if you have any oter questions.

  1. Bra, this is da best place to get ur iphone fix……Cuz i went to Apple first thing in the morning and ask help on my iphone……My iphone no like to turn on…….They say they check it out for me and 30 minutes later they came back to tell me dat it is dead…….But i was smart enough to go to Tech Armor and ask for help and fix it for me by changing the battery……..I love going to Tech Armor now they can fix anything

  2. I jailbroke my 3gs but when i respinged it, it stopped working. I tried everything. Would you guys be able to reinstall the firmware?

    1. Anna,
      Bring it down and we should be able to re-install it and get it working. We have several software tricks we can try. Give us a call if you have any questions 955-7470

  3. Mitchell,
    We recommend that you bring it back to us because you may encounter bigger problems if you try and do it yourself. The problems you are facing would be best if you brought it in. thanks

      1. William,
        You’ve been our customer before. We recommend you back up your data on your laptop. We’ll do it for $9.99. Sometimes it takes over an hour so please allow our technician to have enough time to do it. Thanks.

  4. I have an iphone 3gs with multiple problems… I dropped it on a rock and the glass cracked but it still turns on. The touch screen doesnt work, the home button isnt working but it still charges and the other buttons all work… Just a rough estimate at how much this will all cost me… If its cheaper for me to repair it or just buy a new one…


  5. My iphone 3GS got wet during fishing and now it wont turn on. Will you be able to fix this and how much would it cost?

    1. Christine,
      Don’t plug it in. Bring it down to us and we’ll do a free diagnosis. Once we identify which part needs to be replaced we’ll let you know. Sometimes just the battery needs to be replaced or a charging port. However if it’s the motherboard we’ll recommend you don’t fix it. Repairs can run from $49-$99 if multiple parts need to be replaced we give generous discounts for multiple repairs. Give us a call at 955-7470 or you can book this free diagnosis online by clicking on the book now button. Thanks for checking us out.

  6. i bought a iphone 3g in swapmeet how much you charge to unlock and replace the housing and fixed the power button ..

    1. Sonny,
      We don’t have housings right now, we can unlock and replace the flex riboon which controls the power button, volume button and vibrate switch, normally $59 & $25 for unlock, we’ll do both for $65. You can’t just repair the power button. Let us know yf you have any questions.

      The Tech Armor Team

  7. Hello,

    My friend has an iphone 3gs and the phone was dropped. The glass screen is cracked. the phone still works, it tracks your finger and you can use it and the camera still works. How much do you think it would be to fix? And how quickly could you fix it if we brought it in tomorrow?

    thank you!!

    1. Mao,
      We can try a couple of things. Sometimes reinstalling the firmware with a custom firmware or replacing the battery does the trick. It can cost from $25-50. If we can’t fix it we won’t charge you.

  8. Hi, I was wondering if you guys able to fix an unlock T-Mobile iPhone? My phone has been stuck on the apple logo and its been like that for months..

    1. Austin,
      More than likely the flex ribbon needs to be replaced which controls the vibrate button, volume, headphone, and power button. It’s one piece, takes about an hour depending on other repairs, I recommend booking on line. The cost is $49.99. Thanks for checking us out.

  9. Hi, my phone is makes all these static sounds when I make a call with or without my earpiece. It’s also laggy. Can I get that fixed? How much would it be?

  10. how much will it cost to replace the power button on a iphone 3g. phone will not turn off let me know the price oh and one more thing how much is to unlock it to thanks..

    1. Brian,
      It’s $59 for the power button repair. Sounds like it needs a new flex ribbon which controls the power button, vibrate switch, headphone, and volume. We can unlock it for $25.

      1. but the volume button works and the headphone piece works to but the power button dont work and the vibrate switch dont work.but ill have you check it out tomorrow morning around 11am if thats oaky with you and have you unlock it to thanks…

  11. Do you guys replace the sim card tray on the iphone 3gs? my husband accidentally threw it away…no comment…. he says it “fell” out… no comment again.

      1. GREAT! I work in the mall so I will be by tomorrow to pick it up! You guys are near Foodland right?

  12. My 3GS was dropped down 2 floors of stairs not by my doing and my phone has had problems ever since the button on top has not worked and has chipped around to where I can see inside somewhat from there. It turns off minutes later after being charged all night. And the silver part around the iphone has started to come up. Also the volume button is chipped around it. And the camera does not work. Is it possible to fix all this for an affordable rate?

    1. William,
      Ouch, sorry to hear about the unfortunate drop to your poor iPhone. The best option is to replace the housing based on all the problems with it. We can test the motherboard to see if there was damage to it. If the motherboard is ok, we can replace the housing with a new one and the phone will be like new again. A new housing with all new components is $99. Give us a call if you have any questions at 955-7470.

  13. Hi,
    I was trying to do the back housing for my iPhone 3G but apparently I screwed it up and now it won’t close it properly and my SIM wouldn’t work.. everything still works fine except for the SIM card problem.. and sometimes it works when I put my SIM card in but then it has a low signal and then eventually loses the signal.. How much does it cost to fix this SIM card problem?

    1. Dyo,
      Bring it in and we’ll take a look at it. This is a common problem with replacement housings. If it’s not put together right your motherboard won’t read the aim card. We’ll check it out for free and tell you if we can fix it. If we can use the same housing you’re looking at around $20.00 bucks. If we can’t fix it we won’t charge you.


  14. I have a iPhone 3G and I was wondering how much it would cost to have lock (top button) button replaced. Mines some how fell off and I don’t know where it went. Also it seems that my speaker is blown and does not sound good when I have someone one speaker phone or when I try to play my music. So how much would it cost to replace both and how long would it take for it to be replaced.

      1. About an hour depending how busy we are. I would recommend you book the appointment online for just one of the repairs, not necessary you can just show up if you want. Thanks.

  15. I have an Iphone 3G which has a big crack in the housing, I was going to replace it with a different housing. But I am too afraid I will damage or break my iphone. I was wondering how much it would cost for you to Replace it. I already have a spare white housing. Thanks.

    1. Rhianna,
      Does your housing have the parts in it? We usually don’t do the repair with other people’s housing because often the quality is poor and have had a lot of problems.

  16. Hi , well recently my ex broke my iphone it wont lock and the vibrate and sound button wont work it will only stay on loud and if i put it in on vibrate every time i move my phone or touch it ,it goes back to loud with out me even touching the volume thing . how much will that cost all in total?

    1. Shyanne,
      Bring it in. We’ll check it out for free then give you a quote. Its kinda hard to figure out what parts it needs. If more than one repair component is needed we’ll make it so it’s still affordable. Give us a call if you have any questions at 955-7470.


    1. Luis,
      Its $59. The flex ribbon controls the sleep/power button, headphone jack, volume and vibrate button. Its all part of the same flex ribbon. Thanks for inquiring.

  17. On my iphone 3gs,my lock button and the bottom of the screen doesnt respond when i touch it, how much will it cost to get repaired?

    1. Stephen,
      Looks like the digitizer is bad and the ribbon on te home button. Normally its $59 for the glass digitizer and $49 for the home button. We can do both for $89.

      Thanks. You can reach us at 808-955-7470. We are open 7 days a week.

  18. Hello i have a little problem i replaced the vibrating motor assembled the phone back it didnt want to turn on,i plugged it in with the charger i pressed the on buton it turned on the apple logo was there and after that it turnned off i dont know whats wrong

    1. Maxx,
      I would recommend you bring it in and have us check it out. It might be one of the connections or the motherboard wasn’t set in properly. Give us a call if you have any questions at 808-955-7470.


      1. It would be a problem because im not in the same country,i also think there is one of the circuits labels 1 2 or 3,respectively the one with the little folding door because i can see some golden lines of the circuit staying a bit outside,its not fully tucked in,is it necessary to put in order 1 ,2 and 3?

      2. Max,
        Your flex ribbon might have been damaged and therefore make your power button unresponsive and the ribbons do have to go in the proper sequence. check out this video link

        Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. Problem is that i didnt do anything to the motherboard i just pulled out the 3 circuits (labelled 1,2,3),i unscrewed the 2 tiny screws of the vibration motor,i replaced it with a new one,put the screws back and after that i put the labbeled circuits back but not in a numerological order……i entered phone in DFU mode itunes detected it but it dosent start,il unscrew the case again and re arange in a better order the 3 circuits,the troublesome one is the one with the manual folding door cuz i cant put it back perfectly,thank you very mutch and any more advice if u could provide i would appreciate it.

  20. I cannot put a photo because it will be useless :(, i have been to a iservice here in my country and that guy told me he couldnt determinate the problem,the phone when you have it with the charger plugged in it shows the apple logo after u press power button and after it dissapears(phone turns off), without the charger plugged in the phone dosent do anything(dosent show even the apple logo),we tryed to switch batteries,didnt work,he told me it might be something from the main board but he couldnt determinate the problem,now all i have to do is go to a licensed apple Gsm service that does hardware diagnosticks and stuff like that ,and wait for a response……im going nuts with this iphone 3g 8Gb…..

    1. Max,
      Sorry to hear of your troubles with the iphone. What country are you in? From what you are explaining it does sound like a problem with the motherboard. That is usually not good at all.

      1. I conected the iphone to the pc i hold the 2 butons to enter recovery mode,itunes detected it when i try restore it says preparing phone and after a while it gives an error 1601,any resolve to this :(?

  21. I conected the iphone to the pc i hold the 2 butons to enter recovery mode,itunes detected it when i try restore it says preparing phone and after a while it gives an error 1601,any resolve to this

  22. The iphone i have when you hit the middle part on the top of the phone where the sim card goes it cuts off for a little bit and you have to push the top to get it working. Have you ever heard of that and is it fixable. If so how much do you think it would cost.

    1. Hi Clay,
      It might just be a loose connection. Bring it in and we’ll check it out. We’ll diagnose it for free. Once we find the problem we’ll give you a quote and you can decide if you want us to repair it. If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you.

    1. Hi,
      It costs $59. We have to replace the flex ribbon which also connects to the headphone jack, volume, power and vibrate switch. It takes about an hour to do. Give us a call if you have any further questions. Our repairs also come with a 90 day warranty.

  23. Hello Techarmor,

    I believe my battery is nearing it’s end of life because every time my phone would hit around the 50-60% area, it would just shut off. When I power it back on, it will stay on the apple logo screen and then shut off again. Sometimes, it’ll even keep powering on and off by itself. The only way it’ll fully power back on to the lockscreen/homescreen is when I charge it. But even then, when it powers back on it’ll say that it has ~60% battery life or sometimes it’ll show that it’s completely drained and I need to charge it. Could this be a battery issue?

    I’ve never had this problem before until I updated my (old bootrom) 3GS to the iPad baseband running iOS5 back in December because I stupidly forgot to make a custom firmware while preserving the original baseband of my 3GS. By changing the battery, do you think this would solve the problem? I’ve had this phone for about 2 years already too. Also, how much do you charge if I was to get a housing replacement with the battery replacement (granted that it’s the battery that’s causing this problem) because I seen that you do discount with more than one repair? Please let me know. Thanks!

  24. Hi i have an iphone 3gs and the lock button and home button dont work also the back of the phone has a crack i was wondering how much will it cost to repair it thank you

    1. Omar,
      We can put a whole new housing includes all new buttons and fix your home button for $99 it will make look like new again. If you have any questions you can reach us at 808-955-7470. Thanks for checking us out.

      Tech Armor

    1. Hi,
      We can do both for $85 normally the power button ribbon is $59 and $59 for a new battery. We warranty parts and labor for 90 days.

      Tech Armor

  25. I have 2 iPhone 3GS one the sound speaker stopped working and the other one the backlight stopped working how much for the 2 to be fixed I also have an iPod 2 nd gen apple said the memory board has to be replaced how much to fix each please if the price is good I can send more ur way

    1. Bobby,
      We can fix the speaker and LCD(no back light means LCD is bad). For speaker we normally charge $39 and $65 for LCD. We’ll fix both phones for $70. We can’t help you on the ipod if its a motherboard issue. Let us know if that will work for you.

      Tech Armor

  26. My lock and my home botton don’t work becouse it was dropped in the tolet how much do u think it would cost to fix it or should I get get the new iPhone 5?

  27. My iphone 3gs screen doesn’t work, my off button doesn’t work, and my silence button doesn’t work. I would only want the screen and off button fixed. How much would that cost? P.S. about one fourth of the back of the phone is torn off and the insides are showing

    1. Jamal,
      We are in the Ala Moana Shopping Center on the 2nd level Nordstrom wing right in front of the Guess store. When you get to the mall you can call us at 808-955-7470 and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thanks for inquiring. We open at 10am today and close at 10pm

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