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    1. Hi,
      We charge $75. The glass and digitizer get replaced as a unit. We guarantee our work for 90 days. We are open 7 days a week and are located at the Ala Moana Center. Give us a call at 354-4860 or 955-7470 and mention the quote you were given online.

      Tech Armor

  1. do u have screens for 16gb 2g iphone? if u do how much.and if i have a new blue case can u put that on it if u are able to fix it? i also have a 3g 8gb .it always loses signal.so i guess it the antena.how is that also.lmk or if u sell part lmk if i can pick up parts too.thanks

      1. Marlin,
        We can fix it as long as the actual frame of the iPad is in good condition. We charge $189 and warranty our parts and services for 90 days. Give us a call if you have any questions.

        Tech Armor

  2. Are you able to get the sensor touch thing fixed on an ipod touch. my screen was recently cracked and i had a friend of mines fixed it but that was a bad idea cause my ipod dosent work properly now. like if i touch an app it dosent open. only certain areas on my ipod is able to touch n sometimes work. if you can repair this problem . how much will it cost??

    1. Hi Masaki,
      Thanks for inquiring about your 2G. Unfortunately we don’t do repairs for the 2G. We specialize on the 3G. I can refer you to someone who does repair the 2G and does a good job. Give us a call at 224-2712 and I’ll provide that information for you. Thanks again for contacting Tech Armor.

  3. I have two blackberries. One has a bad touchpad and trackball. The other has a loose connection for the charger. Could you use one to repair the other (I also have a new trackball I made ATT give me though they would not repair)? Would it cost much more to use new parts?

    1. Hello Vickie,
      We can definitely repair the trackball. We can take a look at the loose charging port. The issue usually with the charging ports is that they need to be welded on. When you come in we can take a look at the phones and you can decide which one you want to keep and which one you want to salvage parts from. If the parts are in good condition its fine to use them instead of new ones but if you have new parts might as well use them. Let us know if you have any further questions and thanks for inquiring with us. We look forward to repairing your Blackberries. Mahalo.

  4. Matan at Tech armor at ala Moana was very friendly and helpful, he hooked my phone up! I had soo many problems before and had been to other iPhone repair shops to try and fix them, but still the problems kept returning after a few days or weeks. He took my phone apart and fixed all the things other repair shops never looked at and now it works perfectly! I am so happy my iPhone doesn’t give me any more stress and will come back to Tech Armor next time I need help with my phone!

  5. Very fast efficient dude! Water damaged!!! didnt charge me for diagnosis!!! went through all the pieces of my phone and asesed what could be salvaged. Thanks alot man!!!!

  6. I came in to get a clear cover for my blackberry. Matan was very helpful, and he put the clear cover on my entire blackberry, which was a very complicated process. He also fixed my tracking ball, and now it works super smoothly! And he did a jailbreak on my ipod, and now I can download all the apps and songs I want for free! Great service! I would come back for all my blackberry and ipod needs!

  7. Can you guys fix a inside crack on the iphone, also can you guys replace the back of the iphone, and finaly can you guys fixed the thing where you put your earphones/headphones? If so how much? My phone is 8g iphone 3g.
    Im also looking for an iphone 3g jailbroken/hack, how much would that cost?

    1. Mark,
      We can fix cracked screens, put on a new housing and also fix the headphone Jack. We do have several iPhones on hand for sale. We typically charge $99 for a new housing, $59 for the headphone Jack and $99 for a new screen. If you do get multiple repairs done we can discount some of them up to 50%. Give us a call for more details. Thanks

  8. Great customer service. unlocked the iphone quick and easy. i would definitely reccommend him to my friends

  9. I’ve got iPod Touch 16GB that doesn’t work. It cannot turn on, it doesn’t reset and it doesn’t work with it plugged into a charger. I know the chargers are okay cause they still charge my other iPods. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve looked in the headphone jack and I can’t see any pink or red markings for the moisture indicator…can you help?

  10. Hello! I was just wondering if you sold iPhone 3GS’s? If so, how much would they be new and used? Thank you so much! I love this store

  11. Hi. I have a blackberry 8330 and its a brand new phone. The screen is cracked. How much would it be to repair the screen? The phone works perfectly fine, i just cant stand that the screen as already cracked considering i just got it. Can you please let me know your prices and if you are able to fix it. And i also would like to know the estimated amount of time that it would take to repair.

    thanks Much.

    1. Alex,
      Unfortunately we are not carrying any unlocked iPhone 4 at the present moment. Unlocked iPhone 4 are not commonly sold at this moment. Please check back again in the future. Thanks!

  12. I have a 16GB iPhone 3G and the music on the iPhone only plays when I have headphones plugged in. If they aren’t plugged in the iPhone says the music is playing but no sound is coming out. It plays the ringtones and everything except text tones, and locking sounds. What gives? I tried messing with the sound settings and I don’t know what to do.. HELP!!!!

    1. Ron,
      you might have to restore the iPhone, worst case scenario but you can bring it in and we can try a couple of different software tricks. It might also be the flex ribbon which controls the connection between the headphones and the speaker. You can reach us at 955-7470 and we’ll give you a free quote.

  13. How many speakers do the iPhone 3G’s have? Because if they have two I believe one of them is busted how much does it cost to replace it? Thanks!

  14. Hi, I was wondering about how much it would cost for you guys to replace an iPhone 3GS back housing. I would be supplying the housing parts myself btw.

    1. Paul,
      We can replace the housing for $50 with you providing the parts. There are various quality housings in the market that range from good to bad. We carry quality parts and also can do a complete housing replacement for $99 with a warranty. It cover both parts and labor for 90 days. You can reach us at 955-7470.

      Tech Armor

      1. Thanks for your ultra-fast reply. I was also wondering if you guys sell chrome back housing for the 16gb iPhone 3GS with all original apple printing, and how much that would add to the price if I were to use your parts instead of supplying my own?

  15. I was waiting for your response about the 4.0.1 jailbreak/unlock and when I went to upgrade my iPhone to 4.0.1 the new 4.0.2 came out and now I can’t straight upgrade to 4.0.1. Is there anyway to upgrade to 4.0.1? Or am I S.O.L.?

    1. Ron,
      At this time we haven’t encountered any 4.0.2 that have needed us to unlock and we haven’t confide whether it can or can’t be unlocked from our sources. Either way solutions to come up shortly for each OS update. I am confident we fill have a solution in the near future, we’ll keep you posted

      Tech armor

  16. I was wondering if you guys had any iphone 3gs in stock? and if I could trade my iphone 3g 8gig and pay the remaining amount?

  17. Hello! I was wondering, if I were to buy an iPhone without a contract would you be able to activate it for me??? I have AT&T! Thank you!

  18. I was wondering if you guys are able to fully unlock t-mobile’s LG dlite. I was thinking about getting one but im currently under AT&T.

  19. Do you guys have any black iphone 3g s in at your ala moana store? How much is it? And do i need to get a new two year contract with at&t?

  20. Hi

    I am having a iPhone 3GS 16 GB white. Its new. Just got as a replacement from apple last week against my broken phone. I am using a different carrier and its on ver 4.0.2 which currently can’t be unlocked.

    Want to trade with a good iPhone 3GS 16 GB (Black\White) with a firmware that can be unlocked.

  21. Hi i fixed my phone with you guys before and it was super fast and awesome!! I broke my screen again (3G) How much is it again to fix it?

    1. Maliaanalyn,
      We would be happy to fix it for you. We charge $85 and comes with a 90 day warranty on parts & labor. Thanks for your continued patronage. Call us at 955-7470 if you have any questions.


  22. Running an unlocked iphone 2g. My home/menu button is crapping out on me and the connector pins need replacing (getting that iphone will not work w/ this accessory message). Do you guys still service these ancient phones lol?

    1. DEE,
      Unfortunately we don’t work on the 2G. It’s still a great phone but the cost of parts and difficulty working on them has made us decide not to repair them. Thanks you for inquiring.

  23. How much does it cost to put a protective screen cover that protects from scraches from all kinds of stuff like i see in the video everytime i walk by the kiosk?
    For the new ipod touch with cameras?
    and if i do buy it, does it void the warrenty?
    and will there be no air bubbles at all when you guys put it on?

    1. Hi Vince,
      Its $20 for the screen protector. It does not void the warranty. If we install it we warranty it against it bubbling. If it does within the first 30 days its free. After 30 days the product comes with a lifetime warranty on the phone that it was purchased for and if we install a new one we only charge you a $5.99 installation fee.

  24. Hi there,

    I would like to know if i can buy iphones from here? wanna know more detail about the iphones and prices as i am looking to buy fews..
    Please feel free to send me an Email for giving for information. Thank you.


  25. HI,
    I just bought an Iphone 3G on internet but I tryed to jailbreak it and now he doesn’t work…
    Music and phone applications dissapear. How much do you ask for a repair et is it possible ?\
    I can’t connect anymore my Iphone to Itunes.

  26. Yea i came in today, to check out how much it would cost to fix my iphone 3g.
    -Earphone jack replacement
    -there’s no volume buttoms
    -and i believe the right side speakers are broken(replacement?)

    he said it would cost me about $50
    does this include parts and service, or do i gotta bring in my own part?

    BTW would an jailbroken/Unlocked iphone 3g work on mobi?
    and would a 3gs work on mobi?

  27. i have the iphone4 and was wondering if you change front and rear glass in white….how much does something done like that cost….lemme know aloha!

    1. Michael,
      We only have the black front and back glass. We can order the white front glass/LCD and back white glass. You’re looking at about $199 to change it out. Thanks you can call us at 808-955-7470

      1. mahalos guys,..ill be giving you fellas a call soon….jus 2 let u know im from the outer islands so how do we get things goin by far as getting the white front and back in,..how long will it take to come in,..so i can plan a trip 2 oahu….

  28. Do you guys sell scratchless screen and camera protector for the samsung vibrant? The protector i have gets scratched pretty easily. Thanks.

    1. Kevin,
      We don’t carry any scratch less screens for cameras but we do have it for the samsung vibrant. Come on down, we’ re at the Ala Moana Center or give us a call at 808-955-7470. Thanks for checking us out.

      Happy Holidays!!

      1. Where are you guys located in ala moana? Are you guys open tomorrow? How much do you charge for vibrant protector? by camera i meant he vibrant camera protector. Thanks

      2. Kevin,
        We’re open 7 days a week. We only have the screen for the vibrant. It’s $20.92 with tax and comes with lifetime warranty. We are on the mountain side ground level in front of Hawaiian Island Creation. Also close to woodland at Ala Moana.

      3. One last question, what type of screen protector do you guys use? and how do you guys apply it onto the phone? Thanks again. I will stop by tomorrow to get it done.

    1. Randy,
      We will do a free diagnosis & test the motherboard, if there is no damage to it we will proceed to replace the screen. If the motherboard is damaged we will recommend you don’t fix it and return the iPod. To replace the screen is $85. You can reach us at 955-7470. We recommend you call so we can get additional information about the extent of the water ddamage

  29. Hello there Tech Armor Hawaii, how are you?

    I came across your website and I thought I would ask couple of questions and compare. I recently traded my old phone with an Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB and it works just fine but with few problems that I didn’t bother to think about. I thought I would ask how much does it cost to repair the following:
    1. The back scratched/cracked cover
    2. Microphone isn’t working well and the caller cannot hear me
    3. The volume up & down button is missing
    4. Vibrator doesn’t work at all I think and lastly…
    5. The screen, I would like to replace that

    Please let me know and I cannot wait to hear from you, Mahalo and have a good day.


    1. Marjerie,
      We can fix it and since you’ll need multiple repairs we’ll give you a good deal. Give us a call at 955-7470. A new housing runs $99 includes all new buttons, battery and speaker, charging port, microphone. We can put a new glass and digitizer normally it’s $85 but we’ll do it for $50. So you’re looking at around $150.

      1. $150? So that means you already have all the repairs for the phone right? Hmm, I’m sorry just wondering what if I already have the new stuff (new housing, new buttons, charging port, vibrator, glass digitizer, etc.) and just wanted a professional help? How much would that cost? If you guys don’t do that I understand, just thought I’d ask though. Please let me know, and I cannot wait for your reply, thanks.

      2. Marjerie,
        Bring your parts down and we’ll take a look at what you have. There are various quality parts particularly with
        The housing. If we can use your parts we’ll only charge you for the labor about $50 bucks. If we can’t use your parts we’ll let you know and you can decide what you want to do. Thanks

    1. John,
      We still repair the iPod touch 1st gen, but not the headphone jack. The reason is because the new part has to be welded and is a very tedious process. We do fix the glass, LCD, charging port, power button & volume. Thanks for inquiring and sorry we couldn’t give you the answer you were looking for.

  30. Hi, Can you guys unlock a prepaid phone I brought back from Japan? It’s a Samsung 740 SC. If you can, how much would it cost? Thanks

  31. brought in my iphone 3gs to replace housing and speaker matan did a great job real fast and even helped me with a few problems wit the phone that came up. also do you guys know how to fix wifi problems on the phone

    1. Darrick,
      I would recommend that you back up your data and bring it back tomorrow when Matan works. He might have to restore it after he checks the connections. We’ll definitely take a look at it.


  32. Hello there,

    I got a question

    Does the iPhone 3Gs new housing replacement already have parts in them such as the vibrator motor, Charging Dock Port Speaker Mic Antenna Flex, volume button, etc? Let me know, Mahalo.

  33. hello how much to replace a lcd screen on a t-mobile bb9700
    I drop it and crack the screen.
    thank you short and sweet….
    sign :james

    1. James,
      We do repair the blackberry 9700. There are 3 LCD versions we currently have the 002 model. You will have to bring the phone in so we can verify the model LCD. If its not the one we have in stock, we can order it. You’re at costing around $130 for parts & labor.

  34. hello,
    can you replace a battery for an ipod touch 1st gen. and how much is the cost and how long does it take to do the job? thanks in advance.

  35. Mitchell,
    We only have iPhone 4 in stock for sale right now. They are $400 plus we sell a GEVEY turbo sim, it unlocks the iphone 4 on 4.1,4.2,4.3.1. It costs an extra $75. I know this is out of your budget. We don’t have any androids in stock but get some periodically. You can bring the phone you have and we’ll take a look at it to see if we can get the sim card to be read. thanks and hope we can solve your problem.

  36. Hello TechArmor, I was wondering if you guys possibly sold iPhone 4’s I really need one but I don’t want to buy it from the carrier. Thank you! How much will they be and what is the condition. One more thing! How many do you have right now! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jordan,
      How many were you looking at buying? We have 16GB & 32GB. They are all in like new condition. The 16GB are $450 and the 32GB are $550. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

    1. Jason,
      It should take about an hour depending on how many other conversions are in front of yours. Best bet is to book it online and get a locked in time and save $10 bucks. Give us a call if you have any questions at 954-7470.

      Tech Armor

  37. Hello,
    I have a 3g, 3gs, and an iphone 4 (all jailbroken). Can you unlock these iphones with any firmware and baseband? If so, how much will it cost for all 3 iphones?
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Miles,
      Please let us know what firmware they are on. Normally $25 for each. For the iPhone 4 if it’s on 4.1, 4.2,4.3 you can buy a GEVEY sim card for $99

  38. Hello, I was wondering if u guys sell locked iPhone 4’s 16gb? If so how much are they and if they come with box and original accessories?

    1. Niko,
      Yes it will. You can stop by and test it at our location to make sure. You can reach us at 955-7470.
      Thanks for checking us out.

      The Tech Armor Team

  39. hey guys, i would like to buy an iphone 3g. can we make trades too? because i have two blackberry storms 9530 unlucked, would u guys please tell how can we don, thnaks.

  40. Yes I wondering if you guys sell decals for the iPad or MacBooks? And are u able to jailbreak a iPad on version 4.3?

  41. Hello I was wondering if you guys got locked iPhone 4’s 16gb for sale?
    If so, how much are they and what’s there condition, and if they come with the box and original accessories? Thanks.

  42. I wanted to make a conversion for a white iPhone 4, but don’t have an iPhone 4 at the moment..so I was wondering can I book a appointment online now and once I get there I would purchase one of your black iPhone 4’s 16gb for you convert?

      1. Casey,
        We don’t have any for sale right now but you can find good deals on them on Craigslist and once you purchase one you can book online to have it converted.

  43. Hello, I wanted to know if u guys can fix the home button on the iPhone 4? If so, how much would it cost and how long would it take? Thanks!

    1. Caleb,
      We can fix it and you’re looking at $69 since the screen has to be taken off to replace the home button flex ribbon. It takes about an hour depending if there are other repairs ahead of you.

  44. hey i got LG Neon II with a messed up lcd the screen is now pure white i don’t even know what happened the last time that phone was dropped was about 3 months ago an it wasn’t even from a high height

  45. Hello! My HTC EVO’s digitizer got cracked (dropped it when I was in Florida). How much does it cost to repair the screen?

    1. Ryan, sorry to hear about the damage to your phone, hopefully your Florida trip wasn’t all a “bust”, no pun intended. Quick question, is it the Evo 4G? That repair comes as a LCD/glass digitizer combo. We can’t just replace the glass, making the part more expensive. We can do it for $150 part&labor. Comes with a 90 day warranty. Thanks for inquiring.

  46. I wanted to know how much wud it cost for you to replace my home button on my iPhone 4? And how long would it take?

  47. I got a nokia 5610 on tmobile..I wanted to know if it’s able to be unlocked and how much would it cost? Thanks

    1. Joey, thanks for inquiring but at the moment we are not doing unlock for Nokia on Tmobile. We apologize that we can’t offer this service at this time but we add additional phones frequently. Thanks again for checking us out.

  48. the gevey sim card unlock for the iphone 4 you guys carry is it the genuine product or is it a knock off of the original?

    1. We guarantee all our parts. You’ll be happy with the quality. Comes in new original packaging. We’ve had people buy from other places online only to find out when they receive it that it doesn’t work. We guarantee it will work or give you a free replacement. Give us a call at 955-7470 if you have any questions or stop by at our Ala Moana Center location.

  49. How much to unlock a samsung captivate on att? I was wondering do I need a sim card in my phone for it to be able to get unlocked?

  50. Hey, I was wondering if you changed the housings on the iphone4s 2 costume colors like pink, yellow, etc. &If so how much? Thanks!

    1. Michelle,
      If its a 1st-3rd generation you can just get the glass and that is $59. If its a 4th generation you have to replace both the glass and LCD as they come as a combo sealed together and for the 4th generation its $99. if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 955-7470. Thanks for checking us out.

  51. How much does it cost to fix an cracked ipod touch screen? Which is a white 4g ipod touch camera!! And how long does it takes to do the process?

    1. Hi Lani,
      We charge $99 for an iPod touch 4th Generation. We have to replace the glass and LCD as they come as a unit. We can usually do it within 2hrs but sometimes 1 day turn around depending on how busy we are. You can make an online appointment if you prefer but don’t have to. Let us know if you have any other questions. Our repairs also come with a 90 day warranty.

      Tech Armor

  52. I have a Iphone from Japan (Softbank). I would like to use it here. It is a 3G, model MC603J, and version 4.3.2. Can you guys help? How much and how long will it take? Thanks.

  53. I have a blackberry storm 2 i dropped the phone and the face plate is cracked. Can you replace the face plate and if so how much does it cost?

    1. Glynn,
      We replace it as a glass/LCD combo. We will have to special order the part and takes about a week to arrive. We charge $85 to do it and require prepayment since its a special order part. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any further questions. Thanks for inquiring.

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